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One of A Kind Photos – Cell Phone Photography Lesson 1

During these lessons,  we will not cover the type of camera to buy as that would involve a ton of blog posts on is own. These lessons will focus on taking great pictures with your cell phone, so good that you can create one of a kind photos even if you are not an experienced photographer.  Please read all our lessons as they are short and cover: FOCUSING, CAMERA POSITIONING, BACKGROUND, LIGHTING, FRAMING and more topics!

Lesson 1: FOCUSING.

You might take a photo out of focus by mistake at times, but we will assume you can use a camera tripod or keep a steady hand and take a photos that are not blurry.  Now let’s think about the main thing you want to show in a new photo called the primary object.

The problem with most people taking photos is they want to take a photo of everything they see. Unfortunately, your camera is not like your eye. It can’t capture everything. Therefore, choose one thing you want to focus in on (the primary object).

One way to do this is to zoom in on or move closer to the object to make it appear larger. As you do so, other objects will be of lesser importance. Another way to do this is to sharpen the image of some of the photo and make the rest of the image out of focus.  

In this picture, it is clear that the flowers are the primary object of focus.  While the girl in the background is important to the picture’s meaning (as she is included in the scene), it is the flowers which take center stage in that interpretation of what’s going on.  

We will talk more on this topic on CAMERA POSITIONING on that lesson.

In the mean time, have fun taking your one of a kind photos!

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