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One of A Kind Photos – Cell Phone Photography Lesson 6

These lessons will focus on taking great pictures, so good that you can create one of a kind photos. Please read all our lessons as they are short and cover: FOCUSING, CAMERA POSITIONING, BACKGROUND, LIGHTING, FRAMING and more topics!


With the naked eye, we naturally have depth of field.  In a two dimensional space on a photo, however, this third dimension tends to be flattened.   The three D effect that we see in real life tends to disappear when captured on film.

One of the ways to recapture the three-d effect in photos is through layering.  By shooting over or through things in the foreground, we artificially recreate that third dimension.     Here is an example of how to artificially create depth.   The photographer uses camera positioning (crouching) as well as shooting through the flowers/gift bags which “frame” the stuffed animal to create a layered, three d effect.


In the second photo, layering is is used more extensively as the camera literally has to  shoot through flowers in the foreground to get to an almost hidden subject.  The effect of  depth created in the second photo almost “pulls” the viewer into the photo as if they were falling into the sunflower field.  We might try to increase the depth of field even more  by shooting the subject from a slightly higher level (see camera positioning). Remember, the more techniques you have under your belt,the richer and more textured your photos will be.

In the mean time, have fun taking your one of a kind photos!

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