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One of A Kind Photos – Cell Phone Photography Lesson 5

These lessons will focus on taking great pictures, so good that you can create one of a kind photos. Please read all our lessons as they are short and cover: FOCUSING, CAMERA POSITIONING, BACKGROUND, LIGHTING, FRAMING and more topics!

Lesson 5: FRAMING.

Ordinarily, to offset a picture from its surroundings, we use a picture frame.  The frame works to keep our eyes from drifting off the picture on to something else.

In photography, we seldom have a wooden frame to keep the viewer’s eyes inside the photo.  Instead, we have to “create” frames inside our picture. Photographers use many natural and human made objects to “frame” their picture, including things such as doors, walls, archways, boughs of trees, and numerous other “natural frames.”

Take a look at this picture.

Notice that the line of the tree line just above the figure’s head seems to nicely “frame” her by creating a hole where she is standing.  Here is another example of a “frame” created by a tree hanging directly overhead of the woman we saw in the “camera positioning” lesson.

Frames do not have to be round holes or natural archways as we see in the pictures above.   Sometimes they are triangular shapes, curved  or  solid lines,   but they do have to help point the viewer’s eyes toward the focal point of the photo (see examples below).

  So the next time you take a photo, try to locate some sort of frame or line that will point the viewer’s attention toward the focal point.  You would be surprised how much sharper your one of a kind photos will be!

In the mean time, have fun taking your one of a kind photos!

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