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One of A Kind Photos – Cell Phone Photography Lesson 7

These lessons will focus on taking great pictures, so good that you can create one of a kind photos. Please read all our lessons as they are short and cover: FOCUSING, CAMERA POSITIONING, BACKGROUND, LIGHTING, FRAMING and more topics!

Lesson 7: Action shots

Few things make for a more one of a kind shot than an action photo.  Typically, people pose for photos and say, “Cheese,” which creates often an idealized static look at family life, social events, etc. 

What often creates a more one of kind photo look is to get people doing things.   Certainly, the look might be more chaotic and unpredictable,  but the action often creates more suspense, drama or even a sense of fun in the story you want to tell.  

Take this photo, for example, of this woman getting balloons ready for a party. 

Typically, we tend to photograph finished products, the prepared meal, the fully decorated home.  But catching someone in the midst of a party preparation can actually show a sense of anticipation/chaotic-ness of an event about to unfold which may be missing from your typical family event photos.   

Here is another picture of something we rarely see in everyday life.    Two grown women celebrating by an apple tree,  causing us to wonder why they are so happy. 


The types of emotions in action photographs is often less predictable than in your typical “posed” photos, so it’s worth experimenting with if you are to create memorable, one of a kind shots.     

In the mean time, have fun taking your one of a kind photos!

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